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Weekly Update for March, 25th, 2019

Please see below in regards to LPA leadership openings and Winchester’s annual “Light it up Blue” event which we will be hosting at Lynch on Tuesday, April 2nd. 
LPA Leadership Need for 2019-20
Greetings Lynch Families.

Much of Lynch’s successes and strong collaborative school community over the years are due to many different factors including a passionate and dedicated faculty, energetic and supportive families and really great students.
As I move to Winchester High School in July, my biggest goal for Lynch is to provide as smooth and as positive a transition in leadership as possible.
I have been so fortunate to work closely with our Lynch Parents Association leadership teams during my leadership years at Lynch. After many successful years, our current (and amazing!) Co-Presidents Stacey Princi and Nora Walker will also be leaving their posts for the 2019-2020 school year.
Together, they have led our Lynch community in providing teacher grants, classroom and teacher work space updates, a…

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