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Weekly Update for December 4th, 2017


National Inclusion Week 2017
This week at Lynch we will highlight National Inclusion Week. We celebrate this each year at Lynch with a different theme. Beginning at our All-School meeting last Friday we highlighted what the word inclusion means, talked about the qualities that each of us bring to school each day and a small voluntary project.

The  theme this year will be -  "Unwrapping our Gifts." Students will be given a worksheet with a cut out of a gift. Students will self-reflect as to what qualities they bring to school each day. We view these qualities as their "gifts."  Students will be able color and design their gift to drop off in our gift box which will be in the main hallway.

Starting Tuesday morning we will choose some gifts to read over our loud speaker as school begins and highlight all the wonderful gifts our students bring to school. 

Our goals are for our Lynchies to better understand that we are all unique, we have different qualities …

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